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Category Name Number
Category Name Number
Farming, Animal, and Aquatic Products, and Foodstuffs 50   Minerals 9
Chemical Materials and Products Thereof 28   Pharmaceuticals and Herbal Products 13
Cosmetics and Toilet Products 40   Leather and Furskin 2
Paper and Products 4   Packaging Materials and Containers 26
Textiles, Garments, and Accessories 35   Fashion Accessories and Household Textiles 21
Footwear 9   Luggage, Handbags and Other Bags 27
Articles of Gold and Silver, Jewelry and Articles Thereof 15   Metals and Hardware Products 49
Hand Tools 17   Machinery 67
Safety and Fire Protection Equipment 9   Power and Electrical Machinery Equipment 20
Consumer Electronics and Electrical Products 71   Electronic Components and Parts 68
Computer Hardware and Software, and Peripherals 66   Communication Products 33
Automobiles, Motorcycles, and Parts and Accessories 59   Bicycles, and Parts and Accessories 6
Aerospace Products 1   Ships, Boats and Parts Thereof 4
Hospital and Medical Supplies, and Equipment 19   Optical Products, Cameras and Accessories 15
Instruments 13   Clocks, Watches and Parts Thereof 3
Musical Instruments 0   Weapons, Ammunition, and Military Products 1
Furniture and Furnishings 14   Houseware and Kitchenware 49
Building Materials and Sanitary equipment 22   Toys, Baby Products, and Pet Products 23
Sporting and Leisure Goods 41   Stationery 32
Gift, Works of Art, and Novelties 84   Publishing and Printing 9
Service-Sector Industries 68  
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